4 Cool Coffee Makers to Buy For Your Home

If you want to experience the perfect coffee without having to leave your home then the key is in buying the right coffee machine and the best beans. Depending on the kind of coffee you enjoy there are multiple machines which all offer something different in terms of ease of use and the flavor that they are able to produce. If you so wish there is nothing stopping  you from buying more than one of these machines, and these are the main 4 that we see used at home, to create the perfect cup of coffee.



This is the ideal machine for making a single cup of espresso, and the flavor which it produces is incredible. The piece of equipment is very easy to use, all you need is some high quality and finely ground beans, some hot water and a cup. The mechanism of the Aeropress coffee maker works by plunging the water through the beans leaving a bold and rich espresso. The Aeropress has been lauded for its simplicity and its high quality flavor.

French Press

The French press is a very commonly used coffee maker and it is one of the easiest machines to use. The press is a simple design which features a cylindrical coffee jar with a lid that has a plunger going through it. At the base of the plunger there is a filter which is the same size as the jar itself. To use the French press you simply remove the plunger and place coffee at the bottom, add the water and then put the lid on and push the plunger to the bottom where it drives the flavor of the beans up through the water.

Moka Pot

Another option for making espressos at home is the elegant moka pot which looks great and produces high quality coffee. The moka pot works by using two chambers which create pressure that forces water through the coffee grounds. To use the moka pot you place it on the stove and fill the upper chamber with coffee and the lower chamber with water. As the water heats it forces steam through the coffee and then forces water through the beans, once the top chamber is full up, it’s ready to be poured.


If you aren’t up for the hands on DIY form of making coffee then a Nespresso machine makes for a perfect alternative. These machines produce very high quality coffee and all you need to do is place a small pod inside and fill up the water chamber. The machine then pierces the pod and drives water through it to produce a lovely cup of coffee. The benefits of this machine are not just the simplicity but also the enormous range of coffee styles and choices which you can choose from, there are even hot chocolate pods which you can use.

Which of these four options do you think that you are most likely to buy? Let us know what your fave type of coffee is in the comments below.