Selling Online – What You Need To Know

First things first, well done for wanting to find out more about selling online. There’s so much money out there waiting for you – it doesn’t come easy but there is so much opportunity you should give it a go. If you succeed then you will be able to pick your working hours, be your own boss and ultimately have a lot more freedom……and have more fun than the office!

When I was fist starting out I needed to hear advice from Paul Hurdsfield to get started, with out some simple advice I think I would have wasted a lot of time and effort.

So what are things Paul Hurdsfield thought I should know? Here are 2 of the best things he told me.

Find The People

You can set up an online store with all the bells and whistles, stock it full of awesome products but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get customers. It would be very ignorant to think that people are going to rush to your online store just because you’ve created it – you have to put in the effort, find them and get them to take a look. So figure out the best method of reaching the people you want to target, then think about how you can get them interested in your store. The social media is obviously the best way to go, it cost no money unless you choose to use paid ads which are a great way to target people. SEO is also a very effective method.

Make Your Site Perfect

Whenever I visit a site to buy something and it has any tiny fault or is a bit slow I instantly find another store. You need to make sure that your site has been designed cleanly, easy to use, error free and flows. Your site might be near to perfect and when it is you must make sure you’re using a name that consumers will remember – if people don’t remember it you’ll struggle to maximise the traffic to your site. So find a name and then workout a URL that fits, if you’ve got a great name you might find that the URL is already taken, remember if you can’t get the .com version or the country URL then it s best to find another name – it might be a headache but it’s best for the future!