3 Benefits of buying a stairlift

With age everything becomes slightly more challenging, what used to be a simple task can sometimes take a lot longer. Thank fully with the advances made in technology and design life for the elderly has become easier.

Before items such as stairlifts were invented elderly people may not have been as active around the house or gone up/down stairs as much as they wanted. In the past some people actually had to move home because they were physically unable to use the stairs in their home.


We recently installed a stairlift for my my grandmother and it has been an absolute god send. She seems like a new person these days and is always saying thank you when ever I pop over to visit her. If like me you were a little sceptical about how a stairlift can really help, here are 3 amazing ways in which it has benefitted my grandmother.

Independent Living

If you buy a really good stairlift it will make getting round the house feel like an absolute breeze and the user will have a new found independence. When getting around becomes difficult and painful elderly people have to rely heavily on friends and family. For people who have felt independent all their lives, this can be an extremely frustrating time. So installing that stair lift is the best way to regain independence and peace of mind for your loved ones.

Stay at home

Mobility is obviously an issue if you need to get a stair lift installed. Sometimes due to mobility issues people feel the need to leave their homes and go in to cared accommodation, a stairlift allows you to grow old in a home that you cherish and love. The home is full of fond memories and is a special place. Just because people are not as nimble as they once were doesn’t mean they have to leave home.

It opens up the home

Elderly people who have difficulty walking up the stairs will tend to completely stop using them, this certainly was the case with my grandmother. This means that people don’t have the same access to their house as they once did. A stairlift will open up the house again and give someone access to every room they need.