5 Top Tips to Normalize Heart Work in the Summer

Guest post by Maria Kruk, an author for Top.me

Summer season appears to be one of the reasons of additional load on a heart. In particular, it is associated with increased air temperature, evaporation of asphalt, exhaust gases, which surround people every day. Consequently, human heart suffers from lack of oxygen, vital for both heart-vascular system and human body in total. Therefore, during summer season people are recommended to take tips for normal heart work more seriously and carefully, especially those things useful to keep good fit.

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Sport vs. Comfort

Modern lifestyle is intended to get simplified and cozy: more people prefer to lie sidelong, watch TV, while others invest all their efforts in sports. Training is one of the conditions of normal heart beating, but it does not mean that entire summer should be spent on the playground.  If you walk 3-5 km per day, many heart conditions will be prevented. In addition, this conventional “exercise” is believed to prolong youth of an individual. People engaged in physical training are likely to be 3 times less at risk of heart disease, because an active lifestyle and sports only benefit the very organ. Anyway, what’s the most efficient cardio workout? Certainly, running and walking might be replaced with other exercises, such as dancing, yoga, swimming and cycling, acknowledged less exhausting and overloading.

Summer Vacations

Summer is a season of recreation and rest. It is usually associated with trips and visiting other places, which cannot but provide health advantages. On the contrary, going abroad or to the seacoast is not an obligatory condition. The key idea is go out of a city line. Far from urban routine and polluted environment human heart gets more oxygen and works in wholesome surroundings. Gardening is only an advantage. It has been already confirmed that myocardial infarction is less common among country-side residents, than among citizens of big urban areas.

Heart vs. Stomach

Certainly, this article item is about food. It is important to state that food adored by human stomach is usually non-acceptable by human heart. More precisely, all treats and delicacies are harmful for the heart. Besides, summer is the period of fruits and vegetables’ harvests, so why do not use gifts of the Mother Nature and improve the heart beat? The most important are vitamins and microelements (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine), and almost every fresh fruit and vegetable are packed with them. Mediterranean diet is the most recommended food regime for normal work of the heart. It determines limitations of meat, especially red meat, usage of salad oil exclusively, consumption of fruits and vegetables, and low-fat fish and seafood. Cod-liver oil is highly valuable for the heart-vascular system.

Go Off To Sleep!

A good night’s sleep and 30-40 minutes nap during daytime are perfect for stable work of the heart. During sleep time, human body rests, including nerve centres, muscles and digestive system. Therefore, these systems stay in full rest, while heart receives fewer loads. It does not sleep and continues to pump blood. However, there is no need to provide blood to the legs while walking or running, to the brain during mental work and stress, and to the stomach when eating – everyone is asleep!

Positive Emotions Only!

Certainly, good mood and positive thoughts only contribute to heart-vascular system. People are recommended to enjoy pleasant life moments, during which human body performs adrenalin rush.