5 Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy On A Cruise Holiday


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Cruise holidays have a reputation. A reputation for luxury, yes; but also a reputation for being unhealthy due to the number of dining options invariably offered on board, some of which are all-inclusive or eat as much as you like. There’s also the risk that your usual keep fit routine or active lifestyle will fall by the wayside as you soak up the sun and sit by the pool. So what can you do to make sure your cruise leaves you relaxed but fit and healthy?

1. Use the gym

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The vast majority of cruise lines, including the likes of P&O Cruises, now offer modern gym equipment on board their ships. Early on in your holiday, try to get into a routine that includes a daily workout. A good time is often early evening when the ship is leaving port. Often, the gym will have windows that will allow you a great view as you leave, allowing you to see the sights and keep fit before dinner.

2. Walk the decks

In many cases, today’s cruise ships are huge. Therefore, make the most of this by following in the footsteps of previous generations and promenade on deck. Not only will you familiarise yourself with the ship, its passengers and crew, but a brisk walk will also burn off a load of calories. Some ships even have a walking track marked on deck for serious promenaders!

3. Take advantage of shore excursions

While sitting by the pool all day can be tempting, one of the joys of a cruise is discovering new places. Take advantage of time in port by heading out and seeing new places and taking part in some land-based activities. Some cruises offer guided walks and hikes that will make sure you stay in shape.

4. Go easy at the buffet

Just because you can eat as much as you like at the buffet doesn’t mean you should. One tip is to take a side plate up so that you can exercise greater portion control and to stop eating when you’re full. Also, go easy on the alcohol. This may sound obvious but it really makes sense.

5. Take the stairs, not the lifts

Finally, on today’s mega-sized cruise ships, you’ll be doing a lot of moving around to get from your cabin to the various entertainment and eating options on board. If you are going from the second deck to the seventh, why not take the stairs occasionally so that you can treat yourself to a guilt-free dessert in the evening?

You don’t need to pile on the pounds on a cruise holiday. These simple steps should allow you to enjoy a luxury holiday without having to face up to unwelcome consequences on your return home.