7 Foods Nutritionists Swear By

If you’re looking for the true secrets of healthy eating, surprise! There are none. The only “secret” to be found is incorporating plenty of fresh, organic and whole foods, along with balance and plenty of water. That’s right: there really is no “top secret” to health! You should always book your dentist appointments, make sure to exercise and eat healthfully – but don’t go on crazy crash fad diets. Because traditional “diets” don’t work, anyway. They are simply temporary eating patterns which aren’t normally maintained, and make you feel restricted and unhappy. So why not try incorporating some of these delicious foods that nutritionists swear by, instead:

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Fish is one of the healthiest types of meats you can eat, with an abundance of omega 3-fatty acids that are great for so many aspects of health. Salmon and tuna are especially high in these healthy fats. Fish also provides a great source of protein to keep you full, just always make sure to buy organic.



If you’re turning your nose up thinking that spinach isn’t delicious, think again! You can easily craft some incredible dishes using spinach as the star, and glean all the health benefits from it. It’s absolutely packed with antioxidants, anti-cancer properties and tons of vitamins and minerals. Sautee spinach with garlic and butter as a side dish, stir fry it with eggs in an omelet… the possibilities are endless!



What a treat – this healthy food just happens to taste like candy! If you don’t live in a tropical area, your local grocery store probably sells them anyway, but mango are best when they’re fresh and local. These super fruits burst with more than 20 vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants – and they’re absolutely delicious on their own or cut up over a salad.


Greek yogurt

Nutritionists recommend Greek yogurt over plain because the protein content is so much higher than regular yogurt. Buy the unsweetened variety and mix it with healthy berries like blueberries or raspberries for an antioxidant punch. You can put Greek yogurt in smoothies as well, mixing it with spinach and bananas for a great breakfast that’s full of vitamins to superpower your day.



Tomatoes are so easy to throw into nearly any kind of meal, which is a great thing because they’re full of Vitamin A, C and K. Whether raw or cooked, tomatoes can help reduce your risk of heart disease, help to fight cancer, and overall keep your immune system running strong. Enjoy them in a Caprese salad, on bruschetta or really any other way you can imagine!


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