Avoid wrinkle horrors: try these tips

For every wrinkle, every skin blemish and every sagging fold of flab there is a solution. You’ve probably been seeking that solution for a while now. You wake up at 6am, grumble through to the bathroom, stare into the mirror, pull at your sagging eyelids and wonder, hope, that you can find something to reverse the process.

Well, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief – nowadays, especially as cosmetics and fitness plans evolve, beating back wrinkles is simple.

Have a look at some of these tips to say goodbye to those pesky skin defects.

Lotions and potions

The market for skincare and beauty products is so packed that you couldn’t tell if your chosen regime will improve your skin or bring you out in hives.

MIRACLE CREAM! ASTOUNDING ANTI-AGING POTION! GUARANTEED RESULTS! You’ll see these claims on the back of almost every skincare item you come across, shouting guarantees at you in the same way that a mate is really, really nice to you when they want to borrow money.

Hidden behind those guarantees are, as a rule, half-true facts and limited test data. So who can you trust? For our money, cold plasma sub-d is your best bet if you want to decrease the signs of aging around your neck. It’s one of the few times where the term miracle cream is accurate.

Keep the engine running

You’ve probably heard the analogy that your body is like an engine. And what happens if you fill your car engine with Domino’s Pizza, Diet Coke and Haribo instead of Diesel? Well, the sugar content would probably make it explode, but that’s not quite the point. Load your body with the wrong fuel and it’ll deteriorate – fast.

Instead of your junk, takeaways and pre-packed, ready-in-three-minutes meals, invest in wholefoods, fresh fruit, veg and salads. Known as superfoods, these edibles high in fibre, vitamins and minerals will keep your skin looking young thanks to an increase in nutrients.

Glug eight a day

You’ve probably seen this blight on society’s health – people glugging Diet Coke as though it was liquid from the fountain of youth. But all that carbonated ooze will do in the long run is provide you with spotty skin, a dodgy stomach and a rapid increase in wrinkles.

If you’ve got a penchant for Pepsi or Coke, replace at least a few of those helpings with a glass of water. On an average eight glasses a day, water will give you clearer, cleaner looking skin, thanks to an increase in effective blood flow.

So, the next time you stare into the mirror, you could be pleasantly surprised.