Choosing the right headstone for your loved one

Know one really wants to think about having to buy a headstone for their loved one, but the reality is that at some point we will probably have to all make a decision as to which one to choose. Choosing an ornate memorial headstone can be tricky because you will be going through a difficult time in your life, but it is essential that you make the right decision. To make the whole process easier, here are three great tips to consider. If you have any other advice then please leave your comments below this post, I think it would be great for us all to share and speak about what worked best for us

Check up on the rules

You should always check in to see if there are any specific rules at the cemetery that you must adhere to. Every cemetery will have it’s own specific set or rules and guidelines that you must follow. In this case the rules will tell you what can and can’t have as headstone, some types of headstones are simply not allowed. The dimensions of the headstone must be taken into consideration, you cannot break the rules or you will find yourself having to purchase another headstone. The cemetery will be very helpful when it comes to giving you specific information about the type of headstone you are allowed. They are the experts and are always excellent at helping people, especially when they are going through such a tough time. Call ahead to book an appointment if you would like to speak face to face, it can all be done via email as well because they will be able to send documents and pictures for you to get a visual of what type of headstones they will allow.

Installing your headstone

It is a common misconception that the cemetery will install the headstone for you, not every single cemetery will offer this service so it is obviously important to check with them before you do anything. It is not that the cemeteries would not like to offer the service, it sis simply because they are small and do not have the necessary resources to carry out such a job. Once you check with the cemetery about this service you will nearly be finished with the organising. If they do not offer the service then it is usually the case that they can recommend someone very reliable who usually does all of the installations at the cemetery, so it is not too much of a hassle if they do not do the installation themselves because they will easily be able to find someone to carry out the job.