Eating for Success – the Wimbledon Way

Can you eat yourself fit? You bet you can. Check out the regimes of the likes of Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic and former winner Andy Murray. They not only train harder and longer and more intelligently than their predecessors, they also give themselves the best chance of being a winner every time they sit down for a meal.

Would these modern champions be as good a bet if they refuelled like the greats of previous generations? Of course they wouldn’t. And the same scientific insight that allows them to get the most from their bodies today can provide precisely the same benefits for the rest of us. We might not see the results in terms of points and games and sets on the tennis court, but the returns run deeper and more importantly than just what happens in sport.

Can you eat yourself fit? Just ask a Wimbledon champion, of course you can.

Infographic - updated version