Following a Gluten-Free Diet While Dining Out

For many, the thought of eating out while avoiding gluten may seem challenging. However, there are many meal options available that are free of gluten and actually some of the healthiest choices on the menu. As you read this article, you’ll learn tips for eating out without gluten.

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The Health Benefits Associated with a Gluten-Free Diet 
Gluten is a kind of protein that is found in processed grains and wheat. The gluten-free diet is quite popular among those trying to lead a healthier, cleaner lifestyle by avoiding starchy, sugary carbs. However, for some, avoiding gluten is essential due to an allergy or sensitivity. Luckily, avoiding items with gluten will create a healthier diet for you and can contribute to weight loss and a longer life. Research has shown that starchy, glutenous carbs like pasta, bread, rice, and more can spike insulin levels which triggers fat storage, weight gain, and can result in the development of diabetes and metabolic issues. One of the benefits for those following a gluten-free diet is that these major health risks are avoided because carbs aren’t prominent in the diet.
Before Ordering 
Before ordering, communicating with your server is imperative to ensure you fully avoid any items that contain gluten. While you may be able to easily locate obvious glutenous items like pasta, pizza, and sandwiches, there are many toppings and additives that are full of gluten. For example, certain sauces, dressings, imitation seafood, soups, and desserts often contain gluten because not all the items are fresh or prepared completely from scratch. Some restaurants often serve meals that contain preservatives that include items with gluten, like canned sauce, artificial meat, and more. To avoid gluten, telling the server you’re gluten-intolerant or sensitive and asking specific questions about the ingredients in the meals will help substantially.
Gluten-Free Meals to Order Out 
Nowadays, most restaurants cater to those with gluten sensitvity or gluten intolerance and offer entirely gluten-free menus. For those that don’t, one of the easiest ways to avoid gluten when eating out is by enjoying a dark, leafy green salad. Many restaurants offer salads that are full of exciting toppings like fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, strawberries, pecans, almonds, fish, bacon, chicken, and more. By selecting a leafy, spinach-based salad, you’re getting a plethora of vitamins and nutrients while also avoiding gluten. Spinach is full of fiber, manganese, magnesium, vitamin K, and more. However, some salads do have products that contain gluten in them, like croutons, certain dressings, non-fresh fish, and more. To maintain a gluten-free diet while enjoying your salad, be sure to avoid those items and opt for an olive oil or vinegar-based dressing with fruits, veggies, nuts, meat, fish, and fresh cheese. Other tips to avoid gluten while eating out include choosing meals like lightly seasoned steak, lightly seasoned chicken, lightly seasoned and oiled fish, steamed veggies, seared fish, and more.
Clearly, finding gluten-free options while eating out is simple and they’re often the healthier items on the menu. By simply asking your server detailed questions and choosing freshly grilled meat or freshly prepared salads, you will find gluten-free options easier.


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