Foods that will help with Muscle Gain

As everyone who works out knows, it is important to eat the right foods in order to help your body grow into the desired shape. It may mean gradually building a toned and lean body in order to appear more fit, or it may mean body building to a competitive degree in order to win competitions across the globe.

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Whatever the purpose for getting in shape, sticking to the right regime is absolutely essential; a combination of the right nutrients, protein and even the right amounts of lipids and fatty acids can ultimately ensure the right result. Lipids are an important group of macronutrients which are essential to our bodies and everyday well-being. This is just to provide you with an example that not all fats are bad, regardless of what bad nutritionists try to falsely advertise.

In this article we will be looking at some of the essential foods which will help you gain muscle, and therefore go some measure towards getting your body toned exactly to the degree you want. No more need to hide when going to the beach, as you’ll appear lean and in shape, with all the right muscles everywhere.

Keep reading to find out exactly which foods you need in your body building or fitness regime, why you need these types of foods to gain muscle, and how to finally have a body that’s envied everywhere you go.

Meats are Important

Red meat and poultry can include the right amounts of protein in order for you to gain a considerable amount of muscle mass. This will likely include fish like salmon, trout or other fish which is considered healthy eating (not fish an chips or deep fried foods). Lean beef is also good for gaining substantial amounts of muscle, and in the right dieting regime can prove immensely helpful in getting your body toned and shaped exactly to how you want it.

It is not true that meat is harmful, and coupled with the right amount of exercise and the right dieting regime it is absolutely beneficial. Red meat contains B12, zinc and essential proteins to help you gain weight in the right places.

Broccoli and Spinach

Everybody knows that a high amount of vegetables amount to healthy eating, but not everybody considers them the best weight-gaining food particularly for those who are body building enthusiasts or compete globally in the sport. However, broccoli are high in fiber and low in calories and generally help in toning your body and streamlining your figure. It is preferred to have vegetable raws, perhaps with condiment like lemon or a little salt, so that they do not lose their natural properties.

Similarly, spinach are great in streamlining your body and getting rid of excess fat, but they are also great at preventing bone and muscle loss. Great overall, remember to wash your vegetables thoroughly.

Apples, Oranges and Carrots

I have included carrots due to the high vitamin A concentration and their high concentration in fiber. Carrots are also known for improving your eye sight as well, but I want to make the point about fiber being essential in body building and muscle growth. Approximately 10 carrots will provide 2 grams of fiber which will help reducing weight due to feeling of fullness upon each meal (and they taste great raw).
Apples, oranges and fruit in general are always a welcome addition in any diet, and this is no exception in body building circles. Pectin will also contribute greatly towards weight loss and apples also act as the best anti-oxidant. What does this mean? Less cell degeneration and healthier living, that’s what.


Though there is usually concern due to high levels of cholesterol, eggs can provide a rich source of protein to help a body building regime. Cholesterol in eggs isn’t at all tied to cholesterol in the blood.

As we have stated in previous paragraphs, the types of foods listed are not only helpful to body builders but to all types of people who prefer a well-toned body. This is no exception for eggs, and you can use them to help you gain extra muscle to show off at the beach.

There are approximately 7 grams of protein per egg, so consult your nutritionist or your diet not to go overboard. Vitamins D, E and vitamin A greatly increases testosterone levels and can help with dexterity and longer work outs.

So, there you have a few foods which should help you gain muscle and provide generally better health. Remember that any diet should go along with a proper exercising regime, or the pounds you gain will be more than the energy expended. This will obviously result in weight gain and very little muscle, which was the intended objective at the beginning of your regime. For more information on muscle building foods, please visit the LA Fitness website.

Last but not least, make sure to have plenty of water, which is absolutely essential in any dietary regime. About 4 pints a day is the usual recommend amount for any weight training program.