Get Your Kids Interested in Eating Healthy

There’s no getting it around it – kids just don’t like to eat healthily. And while as adults we are fully aware of the many health benefits that eating healthy can bring both to ourselves and to them, it can be hard to convince them otherwise. If you enjoy a healthy lifestyle but are having trouble getting your children excited, here are a few ways to help.


Slow and Steady

One of the biggest mistakes that parents make when attempting to get their kids to eat healthy is to make an immediate change from their regular eating habits to a diet consisting 100% of healthy foods. Once you’ve made the choice to move your kids to a healthier diet, do it gradually. Start by first introducing a new food to their plate, but don’t make too much of a fuss about it. If that goes well, start by adding more the next time and then replacing an unhealthy item altogether.


Keep It as Fun as Possible

With kids and eating healthy it isn’t just the taste that turns them off, it can also be the appearance. Many parents find that doing their best to create shapes or faces with the food for their children to smile and make fun of can help to make the meal enjoyable. If your child has a particular affection towards a certain character or cartoon, find themed plates, splash proof cups and even napkins at places like Disney Store that can add an entertaining level of eating to their meal.



This is going to be the biggest challenge, so it is going to help to take your time and pay it the most attention. Instead of preparing plain steamed vegetables, look for some mild spices or even a healthy sauce or topping that can add an enjoyable flavor to it. Similar to the first idea, if this works you can slowly remove the sauce or toppings until they are beginning to enjoy the natural flavor of the healthy foods without even realising it!


There’s no shortcut to helping your children see and enjoy the benefits of eating healthy, so before you start the challenge make sure you’re prepared and above all, have patience.