Growth of IT Jobs in the Medical Industry

Today it seems like everything is being computerized. This is great news because it makes everyone’s jobs a lot easier while increasing accuracy. One industry that is really benefiting from the advancement of computer database technology is the medical industry. Traditionally, medical health records were stored on hard copy paper documents and transferred from one hospital to the next as a patient moved from specialist to specialist. That is slowly changing and medical software programs are taking over as the main form of storing patient information. As one can imagine, the process itself is not an easy one because doctors who have dealt with hundreds and sometimes thousands of patients with extensive medical histories need to transition to an electronic system. Currently, the government offers incentive programs that encourage medical administration staff to implement meaningful use software for Electronic Health Records (EHR).


Going paperless is not an easy task, so instead of doing it themselves, many medical administrators opt to hire an outside party or individuals who are willing to enter data into a system. This means that there are a lot more job opportunities for people who want to get involved in non-clinical jobs in the medical industry. Having a technology background is something that many hospitals and medical practices are seeking. In 2013, according to WANTED Analytics, there was an 88% increase in IT-related jobs in the health industry. In 2011, there was a 31% increase. Registered Nurses have been adding it to their skill set in order to gain a competitive advantage in the job market along with individuals who are looking for jobs in the medical billing and coding sector of the medical industry.

What’s really great about physician practices and hospitals switching to an EHR system is that tech positions are now available in the medical field. The fact that these non-clinical jobs are related to a government incentive means practices are looking to hire – and are in fact clamoring to attract – people who already know how to or are willing to learn how to convert and manipulate data in an electronic format. It is definitely something worth checking out, and as one can imagine, salaries are competitive due to the high demand.