Healthy Holidays in Greece

Greece is one of the world’s most incredible destinations. The ancient history of Athens enchants visitors while the islands offer everything from all-night parties to remote cultures that are untouched by outside influence. However, one of the most memorable elements of Greek holidays is the food.

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The Eastern Mediterranean diet is famous for its health benefits and delicious ingredients. Visitors can indulge in (a little) red wine, fresh fish, tons of vegetables and unsaturated fats from nuts and olive oils while touring the rugged coastline of the islands or gazing on World Heritage sites dotted about the country.


Those who’ve managed to grab cheap flights to Greece will be pleased to learn delicious cuisine is available throughout the Greek nation and there are more than ten regions where you’ll find distinctive flavours and dishes. From the cuttlefish specialities of north-eastern Kavala to the spiced figs of Corfu, food is available to suit every holiday budget. Abiding a local diet while traveling also allows for authentic experiences; eat as the locals do and see for yourself how they maintain such a vibrant and long-lived culture.


For many health conscious travellers, holidays can often mean straying from a rigorous diet and fitness routine. While Greece can lend itself to sedentary sunning, making the most of your holiday means getting out and exploring. So you can experience the real life version of a stair master as you climb the crooked whitewashed stairs of Santorini. Swim a mile without even noticing in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean. Or walk for hours through stunning forests of Mouria or the mountains around Thessaly and feel the satisfaction of reaching a summit rather than a calorie count on a machine.


Going on holiday doesn’t have to mean abandoning your healthy routines and with access to the fresh, natural food and countryside of Greece, it’s easy to maintain them. This said, it’s important to be flexible with your diet and your fitness expectations and to look for ways to incorporate them; after all, you are on holiday! Traveling is equal parts escape, exploration and experience, so be sure to indulge all three while you’re away.

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