At any time of year it is always a fantastic idea to have your house filled with seasonal scented candles, they can give you such a great feeling and really add to the mood in your household. During the autumn and winter months you can effortlessly create a cozy feeling by choosing the right candles, the same can be said for creating the right mood during the summer months. With fresh citrus scents you can give your home that summer feeling with ease.


Once you’ve decided that your home is ready for a bit of great fragrance you need to decide what you are going to buy and where you are going to buy it. Luxury scents are readily available but making the right decision can sometimes be a little tricky. Sometimes it is not the best idea to go for the budget option, I have learnt that you will nearly always get what you paid for. Here are three of my tips that I have learnt over the years when buying luxury scents for my home.


If you like the look of a particular candle then always do some research before making a purchase. The best way to do this is by heading on the world wide web and reading some online reviews. The reviews of fellow buyers are so valuable and the feedback is always so honest that we should take full advantage of every online resource.

Head to the shops

Once you’ve done your research you need to get in your car and head to the shop that sells them. You will be able to get a smell of the candles in real life which will help you no end in choosing the right one for you. If you are planning on spending quite a lot of money then I recommend you to visit the shop more than once before buying because your sense of smell can change between each visit.

Get online to find the best deals

The best deals can usually be found online, so I recommend that you do all of the necessary research and then find an online store that is selling the candles you want. The discounts that you find will truly amaze you, I only buy online these days. Do all of your research at shops and online but always, always, make your final purchase online.