Why You Should Have Pet Insurance

There are many things that it seems to be an obvious choice to purchase insurance: health, dental, vision, life, automobile and home insurance all come quickly to mind. However, one safety net that is rarely given consideration is pet insurance. This oversight can quickly become a significant drain on the pet owners’ savings, as a family is seldom prepared to let a beloved member go on a moment’s notice.  This easily avoidable financial catastrophe can be averted by taking a simple precaution that in any other circumstance wouldn’t be given a second thought.

The thought of purchasing medical coverage for a pet is still a relatively foreign idea to most families and pet owners. In American households, most polls place coverage ownership between 3-5% of pet owners. In contrast, estimates place 30-50% of pet owners in the European Union as enrolled in pet healthcare coverage. There is little information as to why Americans in particular are hesitant to embrace pet insurance, but the result is a measureable difference in economic euthanasia. The worst medical problems don’t wait until you have saved enough and then stay within the savings you have accumulated, leaving little recourse aside from losing a member of the family.

Accidents and illness are a fact of life. The reality is that as medical techniques and technologies have advanced for humans, so too have the applicable veterinary services, complete with the matching rise in expenses. If you have ever had the need to take a four-legged member of the family to a veterinarian, then you understand how costly these visits can quickly become. Having an insurance policy in effect with a reasonable deductible alleviates the burden placed on your family’s finances. The exact cost of a premium is determined by the length of a policy, coverage benefits, and the required deductible. Often the premium for a basic policy is little more than the monthly cost of food for your pet.

The benefits of owning a pet and having proper coverage for your pet are twofold. According to the CDC, owning a pet is shown to decrease high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels while promoting healthy exercise and socialization opportunities. Having possession of a respectable pet insurance policy allows for the financial freedom to make the decision best for the life of your pet and your family, without concern or regard to medical costs.