Pros and Cons of Getting Braces Fitted

When I grew up I can remember that in Birmingham braces were nicknamed Tin Grin, such was the appearance of the metal gadget in the mouths of the users. This put me off having them at a young age, something which I regretted greatly once I grew up with a crooked smile. Last year I decided to finally take action and I was pleased to hear that despite my age, braces could still do the trick for me. I weighed this up against options like Invisalign and veneers, and eventually settled on having braces. There is some conflicting messages online and so here are what I believe to be the pros and cons of braces. 


  • Results 

The reason why braces have been used in dentistry for such a long time is that they work, they work very well and they deliver the realists which the dentist is looking for. The number one reason why we choose certain treatments is because we are looking for results and with metal braces you can guarantee that your smile will improve. 

  • Cheap 

Braces aren’t ‘cheap’ per se, but in relation to the other treatment options available they are the cheapest on the market. Braces provide a very similar solution to something like Invisalign , yet they cost almost half the price. 

  • Targeted 

Dentists can very easily change the braces around in order to target the teeth which need to be moved. This results in minimal issues for the patients and it ensures that the teeth are constantly being moulded to get the results that you are looking for. 


  • Widespread

Almost every dentist on the planet offers this treatment and it is widely available no matter where you live. With other treatment options you may find that many dentists don’t offer them, but when it comes to metal braces it is a procedure which all dental surgeries will be able to carry out. 


I would certainly recommend metal braces to anyone who wishes to improve their smile, but there are some cons. 


  • Appearance 

The reason for the cruel nickname which people gave to those with braces is of course because you will have a clearly visible chunk of metal in your mouth. To be honest, nobody made any comments about this to me and after a while I got used to how it looked. 


  • Pain 

There can be some pain and discomfort as the teeth move into place and this is something which you’ll have to get used to. Something else which is not very pleasant is when the ends of the metal cables pierce the inside of your cheek. This can be prevented if you use gum which the dentist will give you, but if you forget then you can expect to get a jab every now and again. 

As you can see the pros completely outweigh the cons here, and this is why I would definitely recommend braces as a treatment to get your teeth back in shape.