Why Kids Adore Camping Holidays 

A great option for your next family holiday is to go on a camping trip, a holiday which your kids are just going to absolutely love. For our family camping in Cornwall is the highlight of our year which is why we just keep on going back. We have even taken the kids to places like Florida and across many European holiday spots and they always say that it is the week in Cornwall which they love the most. This isn’t just a holiday which the kids will love of course parents can also get a huge amount from a holiday like this and here is why you should seriously consider it for your next trip. 


Time Together 

Unlike most holidays going camping gives you the chance to spend so much more time with your kids, quite time where you can speak and enjoy each others company, without anything distracting you. For me I love nothing more than sitting with my kids on an evening, looking up at the stars, watching the fire as it dies out and having a chat about all manner of subjects. We can often lead such busy lives that we don’t get a chance to take some time out, going camping is the perfect way to do exactly that. 


Most family campsites offer a huge range of activities for your kids to get involved with and it is a great way to keep them busy and to let them have some fun. For example when we go to Cornwall the kids can’t wait to do some archery, some kayaking, rappelling, quad bike tours and as a family we usually head out on full day bike rides which give us a great chance to discover all of the trails and explore new places in the forest. 


Something which kids have always loved and still love despite this modern world of games consoles and on-demand television, is playing outdoors. The kids love it when we go camping and they have all of this space to play in, the chance to get dirty and play made-up games, it is something which I just love watching. The kids love this too, they adore finding weird insects, hiding i the foliage and all of the ways in which they can have fun in nature. There is something really valuable about this too, the last thing we want is kids who are used to being cooped up at home, so allowing them to enjoy nature is a really great lesson for them. 


Making friends is so easy for kids to do when they go camping because there are many kids staying in a small place, without too much to keep them distracted. This means that kids will easily buddy up, in many cases so do the parents! 

If you are looking to take your kids on a holiday which they will love then look no further than a cool camping trip, a guaranteed success.