The history of dentistry

Dentistry has been around for millenniums, the earliest recorded history of the treatment of tooth problems dates back to almost 7000bc. Evidence suggests that the ancient civilization of the Indus Valley peoples started to treat tooth problems, like tooth decay, with primitive tools such as bow drills. Around 5000bc an ancient Sumerian text describes how tooth problems was caused by a ‘tooth worm’ which would bore inside your tooth and thus cause tooth decay, this belief was commonly held right up to the 18th century. The earliest evidence of a dental filling was discovered in central Europe in a country called Slovenia around 6500 years ago the dental filling was made of bees wax.

the history of dentistry

It wasn’t until sometime between 17th and 18th century that the science behind modern dentistry started to appear when the French surgeon/dentist Pierre Fauchard started to use surgical instruments, already a highly skilled surgeon Fauchard improvised and adapted tools from watch makers, jewellers and barbers to perform oral surgery on his patients. He also used dental fillings to patch up cavities and was also pioneering the way in dental prosthesis replacing missing teeth with shaped blocks of ivory and bone. Fauchard even introduced dental braces to correct the position of crooked teeth. No wonder they called him the “father of modern dentistry”.

It wasn’t until the 19thcentury that dentistry was recognised as a profession and in 1878 the UK dentist act was passed which gave way to the British Dental Association being formed a year later. Like the dentists of old, modern dentistry hasn’t changed much in terms of what they do. Although techniques and dental instruments have improved vastly over the years, it still involves the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases related to the oral cavity.

Now in the 21st century dental technology has advanced so much that today’s dentist doesn’t just concern himself with your oral health but can also improve the appearance of your mouth through a modern form of dentistry called dental cosmetics. This ever more popular form of dentistry can now use modern techniques to give you that perfect smile, to find out more about dental cosmetics why not ask your dentist on your next dental check-up?

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