It’s time to start eating healthy, today not tomorrow!

Instead of preaching to you about what food you should eat, exercise you should do and everything else that gets thrown at is from all different directions these days, I am going to offer some advice on how to avoid the major ‘diet traps’ that we face on a daily basis.

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Making small changes to our diet each day will help us to maintain a good level of health with your body and mouth. If you follow these tips I am sure the next time you visit your dentist in Farnham you will be told that your overall oral health has improved.

I know that I am guilty of most of the ‘diet traps’ I have listed below but I have found some great ways to combat them. I would love to know what you think and also how you have improved your daily diet – if we as an online community can share our experiences and tips we can help one another reach a great level of well being!

1 – One helping of sweets usually leads to one more and then more and more.

Sweet things such as candy taste so amazing that it’s really tough to stop eating them! If you tell yourself that you’ll only have one chocolate I am sure that you will take more than one, I always do! So what can we do to stop this problem? When it’s time for you to have a snack, really think about the food you choose and also how you present it. If you have bite sized sweet things then it’s a good idea to have them in a dark bowl, if you have healthy snacks such as fruit and veg then put them in a clear glass bowl. The colour of your bowl can have a big difference trust me on that one; the clearer bowl will get you going back for more.

2- Choosing drinks loaded with sugar like juice or sodas instead of water, which is calorie free

The simple solution to this is not to buy soda! But, if you like the odd can of coke then you should focus on how you layout your drinks in the fridge. Drinking water has so many health benefits whereas there’s very little proof to show that soda will improve health. So, all you have to do is put drinks such as water and other healthy drinks on display in your fridge, a place where your eyes will instantly see them. Try to put the unhealthy drinks at a lower level so you are less inclined to pick them up and go for the healthy option instead. Every doctor, dentist and personal trainer will tell you to avoid sodas at all costs!

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