Tips To Avoid Needing Dentures As You Age



Dentures used to be one of those things that it seemed everyone’s grandparents had and you had visions of yourself in your old age having to fish your teeth out of a glass on the side of the table in the morning and apply specialist cement to keep them in all day. Not a good sounding look, is it? Luckily there are a number of ways you can help preserve your teeth throughout your adult life so you are able to keep your teeth and not have to rely on full mouth dentures. Here are just some of the ways you can avoid dentures.

Keeping The Teeth Healthy

Healthy teeth are key to keeping your teeth for longer. Regular flossing, brushing and check ups will help to maintain a set of teeth with longevity and strength, meaning you won’t need to worry about losing your teeth due to not taking care of them. Using things like mouthwash and taking the time to really clean and protect your teeth is key to keeping them long term.

Undergoing Necessary Procedures

No one likes going through things like root canals or fillings, but unfortunately they’re key to keeping your teeth permanently. Dental procedures are designed to help preserve the teeth and keep them in optimal working condition, so don’t be afraid of dental procedures to help make your teeth the best the can be.

Replacing Missing Teeth

It sounds like something of the future, but replacing missing teeth is entirely possible these days with the likes of dental implants in Falmouth. Implants essentially allow a false tooth to be placed into a space in the mouth to give the impression of a full set of teeth. This can help you to avoid dentures by ensuring your missing teeth are replaced, and you still have a great set of chompers.

Regular Check Ups

Going to the dentist for regular checkups is key to having dental longevity. Check ups on your teeth will help highlight any potential problems before they become catastrophic or require the loss of a tooth. Likewise having your teeth professionally cleaned at least once a year keeps them looking their absolute best too.

So if you’ve been wondering how you can avoid having to go down the route of dentures in your old age, some of these tips and tricks are just what the dentist ordered to keep those pearly whites healthy and functioning at full capacity for the rest of time!