5 Reasons to Use Invisalign to Correct Your Smile 


If you aren’t happy with the shape and form of your teeth then it is a great idea to take action and go to see what options your dentist can provide you with. I was in this boat a couple of years ago and after such a long time of disliking the way I smiled, and how my teeth looked generally, I decided to go to see my dentist to review my options. The choices ahead of me were metal braces, veneers or a relatively new treatment called Invisalign. I decided to go for the latter as I didn’t like the idea of having fake teeth or metal cables in my mouth, and I was so happy with the results. This is offered nationwide and you’ll find Invisalign treatments in Glasgow, Manchester, Swansea and beyond, and here is why you’ll be happy with this choice. 




The reason why metal braces have been used for such a long time in dentistry is because they have a high rate of success, and Invisalign offers exactly the same success rate.  This is the reason why so many people opt for Invisalign because they can be safe in the knowledge that through this treatment, they will be able to correct their smile. 




The name Invisalign is a portmanteau of the words align and invisible and that is because it is completely unseen when it is in your mouth. This is why I chose this treatment rather than metal braces and even when I told people that I had it, they still couldn’t see it. Invisalign is a gum shield type product which is tailored to your mouth, and then placed over the teeth. Whilst your teeth are being moved, body can see that you have anything in your mouth. 




This is a treatment which is slightly more expensive than braces but significantly less expensive than veneers, and it is well worth it. I thought that a service like this would cost an arm and a leg but I found the overall cost to be worthwhile. In total the cost came in at around £3,000, not bad for a smile which will last a lifetime. 


Regular Checkups 


Because the product needs to be constantly adjusted to ensure that your teeth are moving in the right way, you will have many consultations with your dentist. I really liked this aspect of the treatment because it meant that I was able to ask the dentist about any concerns that I had, and I knew that any issues could be resolved very quickly. 




In total the procedure took 10 months, incredible speed and something that I really wasn’t counting on. They say that an Invisalign treatment shouldn’t take more than 1 year and I think that this is well worth the investment, and the process is over before you know it. 


If you are looking to straighten out that smile then Invisalign is the way forward.