Reasons Why You Should Give Botox A Try 


Up until 2 years ago I was very wary of things like botox and fillers, my memory had been stained by all those celebs with trout pouts and plastic faces which I saw throughout the 90s. I was assured that things had changed however and so back in 2017 I decided to have a small amount of botox injected around the eye area. This was actually a gift for my birthday from my son, who no doubt had good intentions rather than simply telling me that I was looking old. I was very impressed with the results and here is why I think that you should give it a go. 




Back when all of those celebs were screwing up their faces with treatments there was a lot of unregulated products on the market which they were using, and there were also many cosmetic surgeries who still had a great deal to learn. This was all over 20 years ago however and since then there have been huge advancements in how treatments like botox are administered, making it a very safe treatment. The only thing to ensure is that the botox is in date, and that you have a great professional administering it. In terms of botox Cornwall has some of the best places to get it and so I really had a range of choices, research well where you are to get the best. 




The reason to get botox is of course to fill out any wrinkles which you may have and I have to say that the results are absolutely amazing. The botox takes about a week to kick into action and when it does you will hardly be able to notice those lines and wrinkles which you once had. I only had a small amount of botox injected and the difference which it made was incredible. Dn’t worry that you will lose the ability to make facial expressions, all botox does is slightly fill out those wrinkles and creases, and will make you look much younger and much healthier. 




Something else which has changed an awful lot in the last 20 years are the prices which people charge for a botox treatment. Because this is now far more widely available and because there are so many people trained in administering it, the prices have come down greatly. You can get a botox treatment for between £100 and £200, which I think is pretty fair given the results which it provides. 




Nobody likes this aging process and botox gives us a chance to reverse that for a little while. The result of this is a real boost in confidence and I certainly found that after the treatment I had a lot more confidence when it came to taking photos and smiling, than ever before. 


If you are on the fence then it is time to get off it and go get yourself some botox treatment, remember that if you don’t like it, it will wear off after a few months and you’ll be back to your normal self.