5 Tips for Choosing a Residential Home for Your Loved One

It’s never easy to watch your loved ones age. Whether it’s your parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles or anyone else, you want your loved ones to be cared for in a loving way through the end of their life. This is why it’s so important to understand what goes into choosing a care home for your loved ones during the latter years of their life. You can find some great care homes in Abingdon and all over England. We’ve gathered some tips to help you out with the process:


Residential or Nursing Care?

Care homes come in these two categories, and it is important to know the difference before you select a home for your loved one. Residential care homes provide residents with personal help like washing and dressing, but the residents have a bit of independence when it comes to their daily life. Nursing homes on the other hand have a qualified nurse on duty 24 hours a day to take care of the residents.

Visit the Home

You never want to choose a care home before visiting it in person. What you read about on the internet or in a brochure could differ drastically from what really exists. Bring your loved one to see how they might feel living here. Get a sense of how they react to the space and the people. Do they feel comfortable here?

Look for Person-Centered Care

A good care home has person-centered care, which means that the staff views the residents as individuals rather than focusing on their illness or the things they lack. Person-centered care means looking at each resident’s unique qualities, and treating them with complete dignity and respect. This is certainly the kind of care you wish for your loved one.

Look for Activities

A quality care home is focused on ensuring that the residents have a good quality of life. This means organizing fun activities for them to keep them entertained and stimulated during the day. There should be a good variety of activities to choose from.

Comfortable and Clean

The environment of the care home should overall be comfortable and very clean. This is a crucial element in choosing a care home for your loved one. It should have a homey feeling that isn’t too sterile and hospital-like. Yet the facilities should be clean so as to keep the residents healthy and safe.