Dirtiest Spots in the Office

Whenever anyone gets sick in an office the first thing that will happen is that half the rest of the place is going to get sick as well. The office is a veritable breeding ground for germs and there are some places in particular that are really going to be problems. Here are the places that really need some cleaning.

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The Break Room Fridge

This is just disgusting most of the time, a lot of people use it and no one sees it as their own problem, or any kind of problem at all no matter how bad it gets. With tremendous amounts of neglect in a cool wet climate there will be a multiplication of bacteria in that area. This will cause germs, rotting food and mould to grow all over the area and make you sick.


This one is pretty obvious, but no matter how often it gets cleaned the bathroom seems to be a place that people feel like its ok to make a mess. This takes place even beyond the simple and obvious ‘its a place you go to spill waste.’ This will be a real problem and the area will be filled with everyone’s germs. Sadly there’s no way to avoid going to the bathroom, so just get it cleaned as often as possible. Try to use antibacterial chemicals as regularly as possible and make sure people understand that this environment is their problem too.

Air Vents

Closed systems of air conditioning are a real problem for employee health. This is often why so many people get sick all at once. Its a bunch of germs and mess being repeatedly circulated through the space of an office with limited to no ability to ventilate the excess into the outside world. This essentially leads to more and more germs compounding on top of one another until someone decides to clean it. This is almost impossible to do unless you happen to be a professional cleaning service like AMC as air vents are small cramped spaces that are almost impossible to get to, much less fix.

The Sales Floor

People on sales floors often spend most of their time in the exact same place talking through phones and accumulating germs from their mouths day by day. Using germ filled phones can result in anyone else who talks into it catching your germs or your catching theirs. On top of this sales has a high employee turnover, each one bringing in new germs. This will cause real problems. People working in other offices are often much less germ filled than sales floors.

The desire to get the job done without contributing more than you have to is a sadly prevalent attitude and it often leads to an excess of mess. Too many people thrown into an enclosed space where no one can leave or gain separation is going to cause some serious illness. Take care of the place as best you can.