6 Reasons Why You May Need Emergency Dental Treatment


Emergency dental treatment is something that few of us care to consider but it is unfortunately something which could befall you at some point in your life. In light of this it is a good idea to have a trusted dentist that you can go to in the event an emergency situation. I have a great emergency dentist in Exeter who thankfully I have never had to use, but you never know when that time may come. In case that you think it cannot happen to you, here are just 6 reasons why you may need an emergency dentist appointment.

Chipped/Broken Tooth

Something which is sure to make you wince is the thought of cracking or breaking one of your teeth, something which could happen to any of us. This could happen as a result of eating something like toffee, playing sports or even an accident which sees something strike your tooth, in such a situation and emergency appointment is required.

Filling or Crown

A filling or crown is put in place to protect the raw nerve in the cavity of the tooth and if one of these comes loose you will certainly need some speedy treatment. These fixings are known to sometimes fall out as a result of eating and as you can imagine, the pain can be very severe.


In most cases our teeth give us some fair warning when there is something wrong and we often feel slight pain when there is something wrong. In some situations however the pain can be incredibly severe and force you to get an appointment as soon as it is possible in order to review what has gone on in the teeth or gums.

Bleeding Gums

Many people have bleeding gums when they brush their teeth but good care of the teeth and gums will eventually stop any further bleeding. There are some cases however when your gums simply won’t stop bleeding which could indicate something more sinister, in such an event an emergency treatment is required.

Abscessed Tooth 

An abscess  is a small ball of pus which grows out of the tooth as a result of an infection which you may not have realized you had. Abscesses can be very panful and they can grow extremely quickly. In fact in some cases you could go to bed free from pain and wake up in agony as a result of this dental condition, once this happens you will be frantically trying to make that emergency appointment.


If there is an underlying infection in your mouth or your lymph glands you could see rapid swelling which is a cause for concern. In this situation you may struggle to breathe or to eat so you must get an appointment with your dentist as quickly as possible. Failure to do this could see the swelling increase to the point where it is very dangerous, so don’t wait if you notice some swelling.

Emergency appointments are often needed so be sure to have someone on hand to call. If you live in Exeter, I highly recommend this dentist;

Inspired Dental Care

246 High Street