Why So Many People Are Getting Veneers

Veneers used to be something that we would only see sported by the rich and famous but these days it seems that everyone is getting in on the action. Last month I decided that it was time to fix the shape of my teeth and so I headed down to my local Truro dentist to discuss my options. After much deliberation about what I should do I ended up opting for the Invaslign treatment in an effort to straighten up my teeth and put a but more confidence back into my smile. There isn’t too much to move around in my mouth so I am hoping that this treatment will be the best course of action.


During my consultation I spoke with my dentist about veneers and asked why so many people are now having them done and here is what he had to say on the matter.

Lower Costs

The reason why it was always the rich and famous who had veneers put in was because they were the only ones who could afford this treatment in the past. The material to make veneers used to be incredibly expensive and so too was the treatment itself, owing to the fact that not many offered it. These days however there are far more dentists offering this treatment as well as composite and porcelain materials being significantly cheaper, which has in turn brought down the cost of this treatment.

Better Quality

A common risk which used to put many off getting veneers was their propensity to break. Given the fact that patients will have their original teeth shaved down in order to accommodate the veneers, this was something which many were worried about. Better treatments have been found however and many veneers which dentists use these days are in fact very durable and unlikely to have any problems at all.


I chose Invasilgn because I am happy to wait 6 to 12 months to see some results from the treatment but others aren’t quite as patient. In fact such is the demand for instant results, many people opt for veneers. Veneers can give you a perfect smile in a matter of days and this is something which has certainly made the treatment more appealing to the masses.


There is no global industry standard for veneers which is why many nations are able to provide such treatments for significantly lower prices. The result of this is dental tourism which has risen greatly in the last few years alone. Even many tour operators are offering package deals which includes flights, hotels and dental consultations. People know that by traveling abroad they can get lower prices and in many cases, far better service.

Veneers are the perfect option for anyone who wants to permanently fix their smile and as the costs keep tumbling and the quality of the treatment improves, expect far more to look to veneers as a solution.

Incidentally if you live in Cornwall I would highly recommend this dentist in Truro:

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