Beauty and the Beast: How to Rid Yourself of Troublesome Defects

No one is perfect. But then who wants to be? It’s our quirks that make us different, lovable and unique, but sometimes these quirks break us rather than make us, meaning they need to be eliminated – pronto!

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Here are a few of the bothersome blemishes that cause us problems on a daily basis and how to fix them.


Dry skin


Anyone who has suffered from dry skin knows just how unpleasant it can be. Whether it is the result of cold weather or an underlying condition, dry skin can be itchy, painful and unsightly.


Fast track your skin to baby soft by drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeine, smoking and alcohol, which all act as diuretics. Regular exfoliation and moisturising is also useful – just be sure to use an alcohol-free moisturiser.
Bad eyesight


The grass is always greener on the other side…if you can see it, that is. While glasses and contact lenses act as a temporary solution to the problem of poor eyesight, short or long-sighted people will always be envious of peers who have perfect vision. Until they get Optimax laser eye surgery that is, and join them in 20/20 heaven!


A fantastic procedure with exceptionally high success rates, this is the obvious choice for those sick of a lifetime plagued by glasses and contact lenses.


Unwanted hair


Body hair performs an important function; eyebrows keep sweat out of our eyes, eyelashes keep dust from our eyes, and elsewhere on the body, our hair acts as insulation. However, sometimes hair appears in places we don’t want, especially dark hair, which is more obvious.


Facial hair bleach cream can reduce the appearance of unsightly breakouts and threading is a popular option for hair removal. For hair that grows faster than you can tackle it, try hair minimising serums to trim down the number of times you have to shave.


Dental problems


A broad smile is the sign of self-assurance and happiness, but what if your pearly whites are neither as pearly nor as white as you want them to be? Regular visits to the dentist can help improve your smile and trips to the hygienist will leave your teeth and gums feeling clean and healthy. If misalignment is causing the problem, invisible braces can straighten your mouth out without anyone suspecting a thing.




We all sweat when we’re hot, nervous or excited – it’s the body’s way of keeping us cool in warm environments or when our ‘fight or flight’ system is activated. However, some people sweat more than others, which may be down to a problem with the part of the brain that regulates the sweating process or it could be down to social anxiety.


Loose fitting clothing and prescription antiperspirant can help keep this under control, as can avoiding triggers such as alcohol and spicy foods.