How to Build Your Own Pergola

Are you looking for the perfect element to make your backyard or garden just perfect? You might have your lawn mowed and trimmed, your flowerbeds laid and your patio furniture all set up, but it’s those finishing touches that can really bring an outdoor space together. A pergola is a gorgeous wooden archway that adds elegance and class to any garden! But for many people, it can seem like an extraneous accessory that they don’t want to spend the money on. Luckily, a pergola is something which can be easily built by hand, and makes a great summer project! Here’s how you can build your own:


The first step in building your own custom pergola is deciding the type of pergola that you want to build. You’ll have your choice of different colors, shapes, sizes, styles… all depending on the location you want to build it, the design of your home and the space you have available. You can always reach out to the pros at for advice and tips, or you can get a kit that will let you build your pergola on your own.

Pergolas are an ideal space for enjoying some shade during the summer, entertaining friends and family, and just enjoying a beautiful outdoor space in style. You can easily set up a patio table and chairs here to enjoy warm outdoor meals in the summer time. When it comes time to build your own pergola, make sure you have the tools available that are recommended in your building kit. Buying a pergola kit will ensure that the design work has been done for you, that the pergola will be stable and well-designed, and will last for years.

The many types of pergolas and gazebos available means that you’ll find something perfect for your outdoor space, no matter where you live! And if you’re really looking to just get your pergola built, you can always just call the pros to come in and build it for you. But going through the process of building your own will make this space memorable for you, and from here you can take on even more outdoor projects like timber decking or building your own patio.