Coping with allergies with natural remedies

Many of us suffer from allergies, whether it is hayfever during the summer months, or reactions to washing powder, but over-the-counter treatments are not the only option for those who want to cope with their allergies without using traditional medication.

Common allergies

The most well known allergy is hay fever. Hay fever is caused by a reaction to pollen, which can trigger cold-like symptoms. Other common allergies include reactions to pets, such as cats and dogs, and food allergies, such as having an intolerance to milk or suffering a severe reaction to nuts. Many allergies are first experienced in childhood, but it is becoming more common for people to develop an allergy in adulthood.

Eat to fight allergens

There are several ways you can minimize your hayfever. A daily intake of honey is said to desensitize the body to pollen, especially if the honey is grown locally to you. Begin taking it early to get a head start on the pollen season.

Onions are also thought to be very effective at treating allergies as well as a host of other conditions, such as asthma and sinusitis. Including onions in your diet may help to minimize itchy or watery eyes, and will have an optimum effect if taken in conjunction with Vitamin C.

Using equipment

A rather more exotic treatment involves the use of a Neti pot. This is something that looks a little like a teapot, but is designed to flush out the naval cavity with a saline solution. This will force allergens such as pollen out of your nose and help to loosen mucus, enabling you to breathe that much easier.

Another way to fight allergens is to try to purify the atmosphere in your home. This involves the use of high-efficiency particular air filters, or HEPA filters, that work by trapping allergens and other nuisances floating in the air. Whilst a HEPA filter can be used in isolation in just one room,  (the bedroom, for example), they have a far more powerful effect if they are used throughout the home.

Research has found that acupuncture – sterile needles that are inserted at specific points into the body – helps to relieve hayfever symptoms, such as runny noses and itchy eyes.

Drug-free supplements

Another option is to start taking herb pills and supplements. Nature provides several plant extracts, which can help to relieve allergy symptoms, such as butterbur. This can help to reduce inflammation in the nasal and throat passages. There are other natural remedies for allergies available in pill form, such as those in the official Elan Veda range that can help to calm inflammations and loosen mucus. Another anti-inflammatory supplement is fish oil. This helps cells to form in the body, and has a host of benefits including the treatment of hayfever.

Whilst it is unlikely that you will ever be cured of your allergies, there are measures you can take to reduce symptoms, such as eating well and keeping fit, and taking herbal supplements that are far kinder on your body in the long-term than over the counter drugs.