Coping With Death

At some stage in our lives, we will all have to experience the hard reality of death, whether it be the loss of a beloved pet as a toddler, or the loss of a parent or significant other, it’s something that everybody has to go through.

From personal experience of dealing with death, having lost both a Grandmother and a dog during my time, the hardest thing is the effect it has on those around you. You may know that you’ll be able to cope with a loss in time, but it’s extremely hard to see others hurting.

One thing that it’s very important to realise is that there is no correct way with regards to how to react following a bereavement. Some people will be very open about their loss and be happy to discuss it, others will be more reserved and keep things bottled up. Some people will be very emotional, others will remain stoic. There’s no right or wrong way, it’s whatever helps you cope better.

In the immediate aftermath of a loved one passing away, you may find it difficult to talk about them or even think about them without becoming upset. The emotion of it all will of course still be very raw. In time however, you’ll find that when you think of the person, or even animal in question, you’ll think back to the memories you had of them with a smile and a laugh. You’ll look back fondly on the little quirks they had, or the scrapes you themselves into and before you realise it you’ll be able to talk about them without getting choked up.

When a family member dies, there are of course financial implications, for example preparing the funeral, or sorting out any financial loose ends such as unpaid bills or any debts that person may have left behind. Taking out life insurance is a way to ensure that your family will be better prepared for the eventuality of your death. I recommend having a look at HBF Life Insurance, which offers ongoing cover and a lump sum payment  of between $50,000 to $1,500,000 (depending on age) in the event of your death or a terminal illness where your life expectancy is less than a year.  On top of this, HBF Ezicover Funeral Advantage gives your loved ones the opportunity to give you a perfect send off.

It may also be worth checking out the living well community, which offers advice on a variety of topics such as diet, fitness and general health, aspects of life it’s always wise to stay on top of.