Most Important Parts of the Body to Get Fit


First of all, let me say two important things. First, this list is completely subjective, and second, this list is being compiled by a man. So as you read keep this in mind if my opinions tend to be less scientific and more……male.

Here are the parts of the body you need to focus on and get fit to look your beat and attract some attention.

The Hips

Today women on average have bigger hips and men love it. More to hold on to in the cold winters, and more to see in bikinis in the summer. But even though we like them bigger, we still want to them to be shapely. Some studies have proven that men find an hourglass shape completely irresistible. These measurements mean that the waist should be 70 percent of your hip measurement, or less. Not everyone can achieve this, but anything close is good enough. So work on those love handles if it’s over that. And in general focus on those exercises that help you to burn calories and build a little muscle. A good choice is aerobics that incorporate weights.

The Stomach

Women are in gyms across the country every day doing thousands of crunches and planks trying to get that perfectly flat and hard stomach. It isn’t easy and you can work at it for years and not be able to match the pictures you see in the fitness magazines. The trust is that he main reason for a flat stomach has as much to do with genetics and diet as it has to do with exercise. The good news is that a woman’s tummy actually looks better with a little extra flesh on it. So your workouts that you thought were not getting you to your goals, could be putting you exactly where you need to be. Your tummy should be soft and inviting to the touch, with a hint of muscle underneath to show that you are active and you like to take care of yourself. That needs to be your goal.


Toned legs are a must. This is where those spinning classes really come in handy. The perfect proportions are thighs that are a little fuller but firm, and smooth knees. Also, focus on treadmill exercises that help you get sexy calves. This will definitely make you look better in dresses, skirts and shorts.


This needs to be a particular area of focus and the great news is that there has been a group of exercises focused specifically on toning and lifting a woman’s back-end. A round, firm butt in a great pair of pants is a very special thing and so you should definitely do exercises that will help you develop this area of your body.


Perhaps not an obvious choice, but your back is an area that deserves focus. Mixed Martial Arts has brought to the forefront more athletic women types and all of them have toned backs. Squats and other back focused weight exercises can help you to get this sometimes hard to develop part of your body toned, and when it is toned, it compliments all of the other parts.

As I said at the start, I am a man and these comments are written that way. But they also are focused on getting women healthy which is what good exercise does. In other words, although this article seems like it is about pleasing guys, it is really about creating healthy women. See you at the gym!