How to Keep Your Hospitality Company Pest-Free

Ahh, the British summertime.

Days filled with strolls in the park, strawberries and cream, some tennis, and a smile in the heart of every true Englishman  …

… except the owners of infested hospitality establishments.

While the warmer weather can mean more business for the hospitality sector, an influx of guests can bring along some rather unwelcome visitors: pest infestations.

From ice cream shops in need of some disinfectant and elbow grease, to grub manufacturers requiring a food production facility cleaning from the experts, the health risks of lax hygiene can’t be ignored.

If you’re the proprietor of a business hoping to welcome thirsty or hungry guests into your premises, then, make sure you follow the advice below to avoid a visit from the Food Standards Agency.

Beware Of Common Pests

To prevent your business being avoided like the plague, it’s important to have a pest prevention strategy in place. These pests can range from wasps, rodents, flies and cockroaches, and they all carry a real threat of mucking up your establishment’s hygiene standards.

Slash the Risk

To reduce the risks to your guests, a partnership with a professional pest control company is recommended, but there are some steps you can take as a business owner to stop the infestation:


Nobody likes to be bothered by a wasp when they’re trying to eat or drink – so make sure you have a strategy in place to stop guests buzzing off. Your best bet in cases like this is to clear outside areas quickly and install wasp traps to prevent them annoying your hungry and thirsty customers.


Nothing is guaranteed to have your customers streaming for the exits faster than a rodent on the loose. Because rats and mice like warm areas filled with food, it’s a constant battle to keep them out of a restaurant. To do so, try sealing any holes in the walls, keep lids on bins and clean your drains regularly.


Definitely one of the highest risk infestations, cockroaches can actually see your business closed down. Want to avoid this? Set up a time when you can patrol your premises in the evening, as cockroaches are typically nocturnal creatures.

Admittedly, there’s more to keeping your hospitality business pest-free as the summer months roll round, but the tips above should give you food for thought and help keep your customers coming back for seconds …