5 Myths About Drug Abuse Debunked

Drug abuse and addiction are not issues to be taken lightly. They are a huge problem and literally can and do steal lives. Substance abuse can be difficult to identify, because casual use of drugs and alcohol is societally accepted, and can even be safe if they are used responsibly. But when drugs are used to the point that they start affecting people’s lives negatively, this is when abuse or addiction is at play. New Jersey drug rehab programs aim to help educate and treat people going through substance abuse problems. Here are some commonly held myths about drug abuse and addiction that should be debunked:

1. Addiction is a disease and you can’t do anything about it

Yes it is true that addiction alters the brain and can make people feel helpless to its effects. But this does not mean that you are a complete victim who cannot take back your power. The effects of drug addiction can be treated through therapy, exercise, medications and conscious practices to create new neural patterns.

2. You have to hit the bottom before you can start recovering

This is a dangerous myth because many addicts feel like they don’t really need to recover until their addiction becomes so bad that it’s dangerous. An addict can (and should) begin recovery as early in the addiction process as possible. Advanced Health and Education in New Jersey is a great resource for addicts to find help.

3. Beating addiction is just a matter of willpower

The converse to the first myth, many people think that addiction isn’t a “real” problem and that addicts just aren’t using a strong enough willpower. The truth is that addiction does affect the brain and addicts develop a physical dependency on the drug, meaning they will need to be slowly weaned off.

4. Treatment always has to be voluntary

Many addicts will never admit that they need treatment, and need to be pressured or forced into it by friends or family. This can actually be just the push they need to get their life back in order. Drug rehab Brick, NJ is a safe place to bring a loved one if you are worried they might have a drug addiction.

5. Treatment always works the first time

Treatment for substance abuse or addiction can be a long and laborious process. If it doesn’t work perfectly the first time, it is important not to give up. An addict may need to go back into rehab multiple times to kick their problem for good.