Skiing Is Awesome!

Skiing is awesome! I first learnt this way back when I was 5 years old and on my first ski holiday. I must admit that when the parents put me on a big bus in Dover which would take us to the French Alps I was a little confused. We had one tv screen between 40 of us and pit noodles to get rid of any hunger. Then we hit snow, the bus stopped and they I watched them put chains on the wheels, I genuinely had no idea what was going on! A week later I was sold, this thing they call skiing where you put these long things on your feet was absolutely awesome! Recently when I was in Perisher that same feeling came over me as it does on every ski holiday, the feeling of freedom and being a million miles away from the stresses of home.


As you can tell, I am 100% onboard the ski train! Here are 3 reasons why skiing is awesome:

It Is Fun

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, every time you put those skis on you will get an adrenaline rush. When it’s your first few days on the slopes and you start to get the hang of it you get such a thrill out of it, it doesn’t matter if other people are flying past you – the fun you’re having blocks out anything going on around you. Making that first good turn on the green run will have you smiling from ear to ear. Even when you’ve mastered the greens and blues, when you hit them again you will still be having fun because you’ll ski them with much more confidence.


It is Always A Challenge

Skiing is a challenge for anyone, regardless of your level. You only need to visit Falls Creek to know that! So you think you’re a pro? Well, have you conquered the triple black diamond runs? If you have then maybe you should switch up the skis, get hold of some twin tips and try riding this rails! The thing is that there is always another level you can go up – jump out of a helicopter or become a mogul pro. When you’re just starting out you will always have a challenge, because the next colour up is another run to overcome. All of this gives you something to aim for – and that gives you more than any other holiday can!


Feel At One With Nature

I mentioned above that I first went skiing when I was 5 and it was an amazing experience. I’ll never forget being on what felt like a never ending chair life going up a mountain and just being in awe of the mountains around me – nothing will ever make you feel so small and at the same time appreciate nature. I still remember that image – one I will never forget. We’ve all seen the snow and huge mountains on tv but you will never get the same feeling as you do when you’re on a ski holiday.

Have you been skiing before or are you considering going? It’d be awesome to hear about your experiences and also why you might be putting off your first ski trip. Please let us all know what you think by leaving your thoughts in the comments section below – thanks for sharing everyone!