Pick the perfect time for taking whey protein

So, you have decided to enhance your diet with a whey protein supplement, but you might not know the best time to use it. Let’s find out some of the best times of day to include whey protein as part of your daily diet, and make the most of the natural goodness that protein can give to your body.


Before exercise

Whey protein can increase the body’s endurance and performance during exercise, so consuming the product before you exercise is an excellent way of giving your body the energy it needs to get through a gym workout or fitness session, and it will enable you to get better results from your exercise programme.

In addition, consuming protein before you begin exercise will give you more energy and enable the body to complete more repetitions, meaning that the time spent keeping fit is more effective.

After exercise

One you have completed your exercise session, your body will be drained and will need some extra nutrients. Having a whey protein shake after exercise can help restore the body and help the body to repair itself.

The extra protein will also help the body to sculpt muscle and you’ll still be burning fat from your exercise routine. In addition, you can help your muscles to recover quickly by drinking whey protein as soon as you have finished your exercise programme.


Many people like to have their protein supplements last thing at night as they believe it can help the body repair itself as they sleep. This is especially useful for people who exercise really hard and who put their body through a tough workout routine.

Whey protein powder stirred into a glass of milk can also aid insomnia as the milk will have a relaxing effect on the mind.

Moreover, as the body is going to effectively fast overnight, it is believed that giving the body some extra calories before bedtime is beneficial to enable the body to repair itself as you sleep.

In-between meals

Almost everyone has energy slumps in the afternoon or mid-morning. By having a whey protein shake, it is possible to boost the energy naturally while giving the muscles the fuel that they need as you go about your daily tasks.

Make sure that your chosen protein powder is low in fat and sugars and has a healthy amount of carbohydrates to give your body the boost it needs without giving empty calories in the form of sugar and fat.

Add protein to every day foods

Another good way of including protein in your diet during the day is adding it to recipes. Protein is better absorbed when taken at a meal time and it can be used to increase the levels of protein deficient foods.

For instance, whey protein powder could be stirred into cake, cereal bar and flapjack recipes for extra goodness or added to pasta meals to balance out the protein content and carbohydrates better.


The tips on this page will help you choose when to take your whey protein product. Remember to buy from a reputable supplier such as www.proteinfoodsdirect.com/ to get the best quality protein powder available.

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