What is the Potency Increase on Organically Grown Medical Marijuana?


While there is no definitive answer to this question, it is still good to understand the difference between the recreational marijuana that you’d find as compared to the organic medical marijuana that is out there. You want to know that you’re using something that is going to work, provide you with the healing effects that you’re after and not have to worry about other chemicals or additives that you can sometimes find in marijuana that is used for recreational purposes, from random people that might be able to get their hands on it. You want something prescribed, legal and providing you with health benefits, since you’re using it for a medical reason.

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The Benefits and Potency of Organically Grown Medical Marijuana

Organic medical marijuana is able to provide the user with a way to reduce the side effects that come from anything other than a natural plant. Many growers will use chemicals if they’re selling the product on the street for recreational purposes. They use it in the grow process, as well as cutting the marijuana up with the chemicals to allow the user to have something a bit stronger or to reduce the amount of actual marijuana the user is receiving. This is not the case with organic medical marijuana. You’re able to have high quality marijuana that has a higher potency and actually works to relieve the symptoms that you have for the reason you’re using this product.

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