Reasons To Have Regular Facial Treatments

I have always been told by the pros that regular facial treatments are essential if I want to see a long lasting effect. They always tell me how surprised they are that their clients prefer to have massages instead of facials. I can see the appeal of getting a full body massage for 2 hours, distressing my body and loosening up any tight muscles. In this rushed society that we live in all we want is some alone time and a bit of peace and quiet, so massages make the most sense.

After being persuaded to try facials on a regular basis I am happy to report back that have 1-2 each month made me relaxed, made me skin look amazing and I also felt fantastic too! Here are some of the best reasons to have regular facials rather than just one every blue moon.

It Exercises Your Face

We all know that there are many benefits when we exercise our body, but did you know it’s just the same when we exercise our face? You know you’re getting a good quality facial if they do a face massage, scalp massage plus shoulder and neck, all while the face mask is on.

They Are More Relaxing Than Massages

Of course if you’re looking to work on a particular part of the body or have a deep tissue treatment after sport then a massage is for you, but most of the time people head to the spa to relax. We all just want to kick back, be pampered and relax. Before you rush straight to the massage room, consider that a facial might be even more relaxing! With a good facial treatment London the movements and facial massage will release endorphins and we all know they make everyone feel happy. It still ticks the box of being utterly pampered too!

You Can’t Protect Your Face Like The Rest of Your Body

If it’s cold you put on a hat, clothes, socks, shoes, a scarf and gloves. It’s pretty easy to protect nearly all of our body during the winter months, that is not the truth when we think about our face because it’s pretty much always exposed. It’s always fighting the elements but pretty much always ignored when it comes to caring for our body. It is super important to keep our skin hydrated and well protected, our face has to take on rain, win, sun and snow! Having regular facials will ensure that you don’t suffer from changes in climate and also keep your skin looking good and ready to take on the world!