Things Men Should Know About Fashion


Men love to shop nowadays but not all know how and this guide is dedicated to all those guys that are looking to get into fashion, but aren’t quite sure where to start. I hope you enjoy reading more about it!

Details are key

Details are the best thing a man can have in his wardrobe, especially when paired with the basic outfit structure. Details don’t always mean a loud print, but more the subtle things like a texture or an interesting set of cufflinks. Whatever it is that you choose, you should definitely think about these things hard to make sure that you get the best look. Experimentation is also key. You will be very surprised how people notice these small things and will comment on them. There is no better feeling, so accessorise with some nice details./

Dress shoes are forever

Dress shoes never go out of fashion and they could well be one of the most versatile things that a man can own. Naturally they go well with a suit, but can also be made to look a little more relaxed with a dark pair of slim fit jeans. Whatever the situation you can be sure that dress shoes will have your back, so try out some different combinations. I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy the simple things

Fashion doesn’t have to be about the crazy things that you see some people wearing, but rather the simple things done right. Naturally good quality basics can really enhance a man’s outfit and I really appreciate these for the versatility that they bring to a man’s wardrobe. Things like plain t shirts, jeans or trousers are a great way to start your outfit off and then to experiment and make things a little more daring. I like to shop for them at Mainline Menswear, where I know I can get some great quality basics.

Enjoy the company of others

Shopping is always a fun experience that should never be spent alone and going shopping with a friend or loved one is great. I always like to make it into an event with lunch and coffee, or even a drink to reward yourself! Shopping with someone else is also great for getting a second opinion about the clothes that you want to buy. This is a great tip for those that aren’t sure what is right for them, so take a friend along and enjoy the ride.