5 Reasons to use protein shakes

People often wonder if they need to take protein shakes when they are working out. I always recommend people should take them for a variety of reasons. I should say that I believe people should always look to consume protein in the food they eat – protein shakes are there to supplement the amount that the body requires.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use protein shakes:

You Don’t Eat Enough Protein

There can be many reasons why you’re not able to hit the recommended level of protein in your diet, sometimes it just isn’t possible. This can be down to your food choice, intolerances, daily schedule or food budget.

You Eat One or Two Meals a Day With Low Protein intake

A good example of when people have a lot protein intake is at breakfast. Breakfast can often be carb heavy; bagels, cereals, toast and also muffins are popular breakfast choices – all of these are not rich in protein. A balanced diet is essential, so adding a protein shake can really help. Consuming carbs, fat and protein for breakfast will make sure you don’t have the dreaded mid-morning energy drop.

You Need Protein to Recover After A Workout

It isn’t completely true that the more protein you eat the bigger your muscles will be. In order to gain muscle mass we of course need to work out. You need carbs to provide the energy for your workout, but then you need to make sure you eat enough protein to help you recover. A protein shake is one of the best ways to get your protein hit to help with the recovery.

A Medical Condition Requires You To Consume Extra Protein

Examples of this can be; Dialysis patients, diabetics (balance of carbs and protein needed in meals) and also patients suffering from a large wound or injury.

You’ve Changed to a Vegetarian Diet

It is becoming more common for people to switch to vegan or vegetarian diets these days. Both are very healthy ways of eating and I would never discourage people for trying them out. The problem is that as people adapt to their new diet plan they find it difficult to maintain their protein intake. Then there’s also the issue that a lot fo people do not like plant based protein. The number one solution for this is a protein shake – you can keep to your new diet whilst maintaining the required amount of protein in your system.