Tips for a healthier mouth

Everyone knows the age-old rule that we need to brush our teeth at least twice a day and floss regularly, but what are some other options to help us improve the health of our teeth and mouth? This article will go over some of these options.


Visiting the Hygienist

A hygienist is a professional that helps you with the cleanliness and health of your mouth, teeth and gums and visiting one is an experience that is worth the money that you pay for it. A hygienist will show you the best methods to brush and clean your teeth as well as flossing, however many people will not find this immediately appealing, but a hygienist also deals with giving your teeth a professional clean.

Professional cleaning is an important part of a hygienist’s job is cleaning your teeth and removing tartar and plaque from your teeth. Tartar, also called calculus, is when deposits of calcium and phosphate bind to your teeth to form crystals, these crystals then harden within plaque to form what we know as tartar. A hygienist will remove these with tools known as scalers and these are in the form of manual pointed and scraping tools, and also ultrasonic scalers, which use sound waves to break down tartar. Hygienists will also polish your teeth and give you a clean feeling that can’t be replicated by brushing and flossing alone.

The Right Toothbrush

Choosing the right toothbrush is a matter of personal preference, you can choose between soft, medium or hard bristles on your toothbrush and it is important to consider this depending on the way you brush. For example, if you have sensitive gums it will be much better to use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Also consider using an electric toothbrush, as these are much more effective at removing plaque from your teeth as they oscillate at a very high speed, which using a manual brush cannot replicate, unless used for an extremely long period of time.


Whatever toothbrush you decide to choose it is recommended that you replace your toothbrush (or head in the case of electric toothbrushes) every three months.


If you have any questions about ways in which to simple call or visit your dentist in Bishop’s Waltham or other area.


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