Top Foods for Strong and Healthy Teeth

Building and keeping strong teeth is such an important part of an overall healthy life. With today’s busy schedules and constant distractions though, it can be really hard to stay mindful and make sure that our habits are benefitting our health. We may remember to brush and floss regularly, but we may not always know which foods are benefitting us in certain ways. So if you’d like to strengthen the health of your teeth by choosing the best foods, and never have to worry about unhealthy teeth, just read on!



Dairy products are a good choice for building strong teeth, for several reasons. First, dairy tends to reduce acid in the mouth, which if in excess, can cause corrosion of the teeth. So you’re going to prevent this from occurring! Secondly, dairy is high in calcium which is necessary for building strong teeth from the inside out. Milk, cheese and yogurt are all great choices to include in your diet. You can also take a calcium supplement if you really want to ensure that your calcium intake is high.

Crunchy foods

When you include crunchy foods in your diet, you’re building the strength of your teeth. And we’re not talking about crunchy cookies or crackers! Think raw fruits and veggies, like apples, carrots and celery. You already know these are great for your overall health, with plenty of natural vitamins and live energy. But the extra saliva that your mouth produces to break these foods down, helps to cleanse your mouth and protect your teeth from harmful bacteria. And, eating these types of foods can help to slough away plaque that lingers on your teeth as well.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are great for you in so many ways. The fats and protein contribute to healthy brain function, and they have plenty of vitamins to boost your energy. One of these vitamins includes calcium, which is especially high in sesame seeds. And cashews are a great choice for nuts, because some studies have shown that they may have properties which fight off bacteria, protecting your precious teeth from decay.

Raw onions

While you may not want to indulge in too many raw onions on a first date, keep in mind that this food actually have powerful antibacterial properties that can kill off any signs of bacteria that might be threatening your teeth. So include them in moderate amounts, and chew a stick of sugar-free gum if you need to ward off bad breath!

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