Top Tips to Improve Oral Health

Do you ever wonder why, when you go to the dentist, they’re constantly telling you that you have cavities – even when you’re brushing regularly? It can be really disheartening to have to go in for fillings every year and not know what you’re doing wrong! The fact is, there are just a few simple switches you can make that will take your oral health from mediocre to great.


Improve your form

Most people aren’t aware of the proper form to use when brushing their teeth, so they really aren’t doing it as effectively as they could be. For example, you might spend a lot of time brushing the front part of your teeth (the part you want to look super white!) but neglect the chewing surfaces and the insides. So make sure to brush these parts well!

Use mouthwash

Not only does mouthwash contain ingredients that will give you that fresh, tingly feeling after you use it, but it can actually help to kill bacteria in your mouth and prevent decay. So get in the habit of rinsing out with mouthwash right after brushing.

Floss regularly

Even if you’re a regular brusher, you need to floss after meals if you really want to prevent cavities. This is because brushing alone cannot remove all of the food particles in between teeth which eventually lead to cavities. Flossing twice per day, in the morning and at night, should be just fine.

Change your diet

Another thing you can do to drastically improve the health of your mouth is to change your diet. This means eliminating sweet and sticky foods which can get stuck in your teeth and cause decay. Think about chewy candy, sugar gum and soda. Sugary beverages like soda and juice are terrible for your teeth, and the carbonation in soda can also lead to corroding enamel.

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