Visiting your dentist on a regular basis can help prevent tooth loss

Principle dentist at The Exeter Dental Centre calls for people to visit their dentist on a regular basis after a recent survey revealed that 80% of women in the UK’s number one concern is losing their teeth.

The survey from UltraDEX found that women over 35 said that losing teeth and having healthy teeth and gums were two of their top health concerns above losing weight, Results also showed that more women than men visited the dentist regularly, with 78% visiting the dentist at least once a year, compared with just 65% of men.


Women who took part in the survey conducted by the award-winning dental product specialists said that tooth loss and oral health were two of their top health concerns, with weight gain a secondary concern, but despite this, 35% of the women surveyed admitted that they only make an effort with their oral health regime in the immediate days and weeks before and after a visit to the dentist.

A quarter of the audience also admitted that they look for the cheapest brand of toothpaste on the shelf, rather than a product with the appropriate benefits. An alarming 6% said that they haven’t been to the dentist since they were a child and shocking 5% claim that they have never used toothpaste.

This is why it’s important for patients to visit their dentist on a regular basis

Owner and Principle, Mike Hesketh claims that “Preventative care is at the heart of what we do here at The Exeter Dental Centre.

“There is no better treatment than maintaining a healthy mouth and visiting the dentist regularly. However, we are also able to help those who may need help after losing a tooth, or anyone suffering with gum disease and other mouth problems.”

“We are seeing more and more people taking extra care to look after their teeth and investing in maintaining them as best they can – something that we at The Exeter Dental Centre are passionate about.”

Here are the top five tips for healthy teeth and gums from Bal Chana, a dental hygienist and therapist and President of the Dental Therapy Association:

Brush twice a day for at least two minutes with fluoride toothpaste – but avoid brushing your teeth until at least one hour after eating

Use floss or interdental brushes at least once a day

Use an alcohol-free, anti-bacterial mouthwash daily

Visit a dentist and a hygienist and/or therapist regularly

Use a clinically proven, premium oral care range, like UltraDEX

Following these tips won’t stop you from losing your teeth but can decrease you chances of getting decayed teeth or gum disease.  If you have any concerns over your teeth or gum call the team at the Exeter Dental Centre on01392 248 295 which is the only dentist in Exeter open 7 days a week based in the heart of the city.