3 Reasons To Get The Perfect Smile

It seems that in recent years we have become more conscious about the way we look. Magazines, movies, adverts and much more are telling us how we can look better. I used to try and ignore this, for the most part I still do. The one thing that I did decide to fix was my teeth, I was always very aware of how my mouth looked when I smiled. No-one was telling me that I should sort it out or that I needed to look better, but for me I knew it was important.

Six months ago I decided to take the leap and look for a dentist to help me achieve the perfect smile. It didn’t happen over night but I am so glad it did! I can’t believe how much of an impact it has made on my life and what’s more my friends have noticed too. Here are 3 reasons why I think everyone out there should do the same.


If you asked any of my friends what my confidence was like before they would tell you that I was 50% less confident than I am now. I would fade in to the group in the past, now I feel much more confident to engage with people, hold my head high and be proud. Gone are the days of me feeling embarrassed or looking down so people couldn’t see my teeth.


When I say happiness it’s because you smile more, there are no more muffled laughs or covered smiles. I am happy now to smile in photos, smile at my friends and chat with confidence. Six months ago I never thought that would be something I’d do in my lifetime – now it’s a regular thing. People notice this too because for the first time your friends get to see your teeth and comment on how great they look – again this leads to much more confidence.

It’s Easy

You would think it’s difficult, painful and painstakingly long to get a smile you’re proud of – I am here to tell you that 9 times out of ten it’s not. Even if it does take up to a year, who really cares? What’s a year compared to being able to smile and be confident for the rest of your life. It is super simple for your daily life and personality to change, so why not do it?

If you’re looking for Hertfordshire orthodontics to give you the perfect smile then I would recommend these guys:

Bow House Dental
75 Western Road, Tring,
Hertfordshire, HP23 4BH