How to Stay Calm For Your Dental Appointment


If you suffer from dental anxiety then you will know only too well just how difficult a dental checkup or any appointment for that matter really is. I am one of those who hates going to the dentist and regularly has panic attacks at the mere thought of it. Thankfully I have a great team at Epsom orthodontists who are always o great with me in terms of helping me to stay calm and get through the appointment as quickly as possible. I have tried and failed with a number of tactics and methods to try and stay calm before my appointment, and I wanted to share with you the ones that have actually worked for me, and enabled me to get through the appointment as calmly as possible.

Taking Care 

The most important point for me to make here is that you take good care of your teeth from the outset, as doing so will greatly minimize how many times you actually need to go to the dentist. On a personal note I only go to the dentist once per year, and that is usually just a very quick check up.

Appointment Time

If you do get anxious ahead of your appointments I would suggest that you make it for as early in the day as you possibly can. If you make an appointment for say 4pm, you are going to be thinking about nothing else all day, which will of course get you all worked up and feeling very anxious indeed. Don’t give your mind the time to wander, make it for early in the morning, and get up around an hour before our appointment.


When you get into the dental surgery, head straight to the bathroom or a quiet area, and start with some deep breathing exercises. If you have ever meditated before then this is exactly what it is like, long, deep breaths and try to empty your mind. Doing this right up until the moment that you have to go and see the dentist will ensure that you are calm and relaxed.

Speaking to the Dentist

No matter how irrational you may think that your fear of the dentist is, you must speak with your dentist to let them know about your anxiety. If a dentist doesn’t know that you feel uncomfortable, they will treat you very differently which will not put you at ease at all. Speaking to the dentist and letting them know however, will mean that they treat you in a way that tries to make you feel as relaxed as you possibly can. Don’t think that by not telling the dentist that you will achieve anything, as this will not be the case, speak up and have a better experience.

There are ways of getting through your appointment, just try and stay as calm as possible.