Staying Sane in Big City Traffic

There is no denying that the bigger the city, the worse off are its traffic woes. Some big city commuters site in traffic for several hours each day. That’s enough to send anyone behind the wheel insane. But, it doesn’t have to be such a harrowing experience if you use your time stuck in traffic wisely.

First rule for low stress car traffic experiences is to leave in plenty of time to accommodate anticipated traffic. On very good days, this might mean you arrive at your destination with enough time for a Starbucks pitt stop. On bad days, you will sit in traffic but still arrive on time. If you’re not worried about a ticking clock, your body’s stress levels aren’t likely to explode like Mt. Vesuvius.

You can also use relaxation tips behind the wheel. We don’t mean full on guided meditation that requires closed eyes and a near comatose state. Things like alternate nostril breathing, mindful deep breathing exercises, or other breathing exercises will go a long way in keeping you zenlike behind the wheel. You can also choose classical or other kinds of peaceful music for distraction as you sit in traffic. Another easy distraction is an audio book that might help forget being stuck and transport your imagination to another place and time.
If possible, drive a very comfortable car with plush seats and plenty of modern conveniences that will make your commute more tolerable. You can read specifications and reviews of the latest vehicle lineups at Being able to plug your device into your car and listen to your favorite music can go a long way to keeping you calm too. Having a really comfortable driver’s seat with heated and cooled seats can go a long way too.