What Are Dental Implants

You may have heard the term “dental implants” and may be considering them as a way to fix your dental problems, but you may be slightly unsure as to what they exactly are. Read on and find out.


A dental implant, by definition, is an artificial tooth root replacement made of titanium and in the shape of a screw. However, this titanium screw is not like the regular kind of screw you buy at your local hardware store, it’s far more sophisticated and is produced using state of the art technology.

The reason dental implants are made of titanium is because, as Dr Branemark found out back in 1952, it Osseointegrates with the bone, which is a fancy way of saying that it connects with the bone biologically.

As procedures have become more simple and success rates have increased over the years, more people are choosing dental implants. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Aesthetics-Dental Implants can not only look good, but feel good too, and with modern technology, they’ll be able to look identical to natural teeth.
  • Comfort-A dental implant is so comfortable that you won’t even notice it’s there.
  • Durability- Dental implants allow for a permanent solution for the problem of lost teeth. They bond to the jaw bone and become attached to it, resulting in a connection that is a strong as a natural tooth root.
  • Improved Oral Health- Due to the fact that treatment with dental implants involves inserting implants in places where there are no teeth and also does not effect your existing healthy teeth, more of your existing teeth are able to remain intact, which has a positive impact on your long term oral health.  Also, by inserting implants into tooth free areas of the mouth, you prevent long term bone loss in that area by stimulating the are where the bone is. If a tooth is lost and not replaced, the bone begins to shrink away due to not being stimulated.
  • Improved Hygiene-individual implants allow for easier access between your teeth, making everyday normal dental care possible, and improving your oral hygiene.

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