Entertaining Yourself Without Cash

Finances are the bane of many people’s lives and whilst not everyone necessarily has problems with money, saving cash is something that we all try to do. The result of not spending any money can have an impact on your lifestyle however, as it seems that anything fun that there is to do, can only be done if you are wiling to spend money. Now from day-to-day it can be easy to find ways of spending less money, especially when you are working or studying, but the weekends can be tricky. If you are looking at spending nothing this weekend but you still want to have a good time, here are some ideas which can help you out.



If you have a local park that you can visit, and assuming that the weather is fine, this is a great way for you to get outside, get some fresh air, some vitamin D and spend some time relaxing. If you plan ahead, why not take a book with you so that you can enjoy reading in a peaceful environment, and think about taking some snacks with you, to make it more of a day out?


The weekend is a great time to get started with a project, something new and exciting to get the brain fired up. Now if your project involves buying items then you obviously won’t be able to do that, but you can map out an exact plan for what you will do and how you will do it. When we talk about getting started with a  project this can mean anything from a  DIY idea which you may have been thinking about, to an educational project to help boost your knowledge. If you are looking for some fun without spending cash, this is the way to keep yourself entertained at home.

Spending Some Time Alone

Masturbation is often considered a dirty word but pleasuring yourself is really a healthy and enjoyable experience which can provide you the most amount of fun possible without spending a penny. This goes for both mean and women, after all vibrators can really help the ladies to reach a climax. When you decide to have some alone time, make an event of it, prepare your spot, use additional material if you wish and then use the time to explore your body, rather than moving to fast.

TV Marathon

If you are using a paid service like Netflix or Amazon then you will have literally thousands of shows and films which you can watch throughout the day. If you don’t pay for a service then you can still find huge amounts of TV to watch online, so book yourself in for a binge-watching session which will ensure that you are entertained all day, without spending a cent. You will be surprised at just how quickly time passes when you are locked in to a Netflix marathon, and you will be thankful that you decided to spend the day on the couch instead of spending money.