Is your eyesight responsible for your poor health?

One of the most feared health risks in our society today is blindness. Our eyesight is essential to our everyday lives and many of us do not realize the connection between eyesight and overall health. Although blindness is the most severe eye dysfunction, slightly reduced vision or minor vision disturbances immensely impact on the way we live and think. About one quarter of eye problems can be prevented and becoming aware of the most common of them is one step closer to living a longer, healthier life.


The most common eye problems

Many minor eye problems are easily treated and cured by a specialist. With unpredictable weather and the rapidly changing climate, eye allergies are a minor issue that if untreated can lead to extreme discomfort. Itching, redness, tearing, burning or eye discharge, are all signs of allergies. Applying topical antihistamine drops can treat most allergies. Make a quick stop at Stanton Optical in Palm Springs, FL and their helpful experienced staff will ensure you receive the utmost care.

If you are experiencing problems a few eye drops cannot cure, Stanton Optical is on hand to meet your needs. Eye problems ranging from floaters to glaucoma are no stranger to the staff here.

  • Floaters are tiny spots or specks that float across the eye when entering a well-lit room or when outdoors on a bright sunny day. They are very common, but may lead to further eye complications later in life.
  • Cataracts are cloudy areas that form within the eye lenses, making it difficult for light to pass through, which in turn impairs vision.
  • Glaucoma is a progressive deterioration of the optic nerve. This disease is not as common, but can be caused by a severe eye infection. Many people with glaucoma are not aware that they even have it.
  • Retinal disorders, including conjunctivitis and corneal diseases, which damage the cornea, are more common among adults. Treatment for these eye impairments includes eye drops, a new eyeglass prescription or even surgery.

Purchasing new eyewear

If you need to purchase a new pair of glasses, Stanton Optical’s frame specialist will help you choose eyewear from the thousands of choices in stock. Brands range from Sketchers, BCBG, Sean John to Ray Ban and the wide selection and excellent customer service will provide you with the frames that best fit your needs. After you have chosen your eyewear, your prescription will be taken to the lens-crafting specialists and within hours you will have your new pair of lenses and a new, stylish look to show off. If you are not happy with the pair you choose during your visit, Stanton Optical offers a generous thirty-day return policy.

It is important to be aware of the common eye problems that are prevalent in our society today. Although you may sustain a healthy lifestyle, family inheritance of vision problems is very common. Be sure to be pro-active with your health by visiting an optician annually and taking precautions to avoid future eye impairments.